Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Fungal Nails are a very common problem and until now, have been incredibly hard to treat. Traditionally strong oral medication & topical treatments have been prescribed which are hard on the body and deliver mixed results.

We are now able to treat Fungal Nails using our sophisticated GenesisPlus Laser!

The Laser penetrates through the nail to the fungus to eradicate it but treatments are painless, fast and effective.

Depending on the severity of the Fungus will depend on the number of treatments required to clear it. Most clients take from 1 to 3 treatments, however if this has been an on-going problem for many years, it could take longer.

We can achieve wonderful results with the GenesisPlus Laser.

1x Foot or Hand      $175

2x Feet or Hands    $300



"I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Viv for helping me to get rid of nail fungus I struggled with for a few years. I was unable to get a professional medical treatment because the first tests that were supposed to confirm fungal disease turned out to be negative. It's a common problem as fungi often hide deep inside the nail bed and not found on the edges of the nail that is cut for the test. So my visit to my GP resulted in "sorry I have no reason to prescibe you anything". Of course, I saw another doctor but the outcome was the same. I tried a few antifungal creams and various homemade recipes but didn't see any improvement. I was about to give up my useless attempts to treat myself as I was worried that my blind treatments just will make fungus more resistant. Creams are quite expensive too.

When I came to Essence On St Heliers to get a laser treatment, it was my last hope to change the situation and Voila`, it did work! I had five treatments over a year, three at the beginning and two more after about 6 months. I must admit I didn't really see a difference after the first & second treatments, but still I continued as I really wanted to get rid of the embarrasing disease. Thank you so much, Viv, for giving me the opportunity to go to Yoga classes, to wear jandals and much more.Thank you for making laser treatments more affordable too, otherwise I wouldn't be able even to start my treatment."

Kate K. North Shore Auckland